Situated along the western shoreline of Lough Swilly in County Donegal, Ballymastocker Bay has garnered widespread recognition as one of Ireland's most esteemed beaches. Stretching from Portsalon to the resplendent Knockalla Hills, it offers a panoramic vista that extends into the vast expanse of the North Atlantic Ocean.
Initially conceived as individual landscape compositions, this series of images underwent a transformative evolution. Isolated, they appeared somewhat incomplete, with a noticeable void permeating the single-framed space. To address this perceived deficiency, a process of mirroring and merging the images was initiated, resulting in the creation of a symmetrical illusion that fundamentally reconfigured the original spatial arrangement.
The amalgamation of landscape elements and the deliberate integration of symmetry imbue the images with a palpable sense of harmony and equilibrium. Through this transformative process, entirely novel patterns emerge, evoking a profound sense of wonderment and captivating the viewer's imagination.
All Images captured on Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra
Ballymastocker Bay
Ireland 2019
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