Reece Coyle is a digital photographer from Ireland who explores still-life and documentary processes. His photography is all about telling stories or sending powerful messages, often incorporating themes like symbolism, interpretation, mystery, and the unnatural. He finds inspiration in personal experiences and various interactions, weaving them into his artistic work. His current project is an ongoing reflection, capturing his present thoughts and observations about life. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
2023 - University of Brighton, MA Photography - Graduate
2021 - University of Brighton, BA Media Production - Graduate

Group Shows:
2023 - MA Photography, Graduate Exhibition, University of Brighton
2023 - Source Graduate Photography, Online 
2023 - One Stop Copy Shop, Edward Street, Brighton

2023 - Disclosive Exhibition, University of Brighton 
2023 - Puppets of Society, Self Published 
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