Faceless; Emerges from the depths of my Alexithymia, a construct encompassing the challenges in identifying and expressing emotions, this body of work serves as a conduit into my intimate sphere of being. In grappling with the incapacity to adequately articulate my innermost feelings, I employ inanimate objects as tangible embodiments, effectively externalising my suppressed emotions.
Unveiling an unspoken dialect that predates the development of verbal communication, this project delves into the realm of nonverbal expression. Throughout human history, gestures and expressions have served as conduits for transmitting encrypted messages to our subconscious selves. Even in contemporary times, body language remains a more trusted form of communication than verbal discourse. 
This implicit reliance on bodily movements may stem from the ingrained nature of muscle memory and the encoded information ingrained within our DNA. In the act of speaking, we unconsciously engage in a form of communication through the subtle articulation of our corporeal gestures.
Central to this artistic exploration is the investigation of how emotional cues, typically associated with the visage's eyes and mouth, can be conveyed solely through the posture and disposition of the body and limbs. By employing these nondescript and static subjects, human models become superfluous, eradicating the need for exaggerated facial expressions. Consequently, attention is diverted away from the countenance, directing it exclusively towards the lexicon of corporeal language.

Digital C-Type Prints
Smooth Matt 42 x 30 cm
Research & Extermination 
University of Brighton
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