The Claremont Hotel, an architectural gem in the Victorian style, once occupied a prominent position along Eastbourne's Grand Parade, adorning the seafront. Boasting a rich history that spanned over a century, this iconic structure stood as a celebrated landmark of Eastbourne from the 1850s until its unfortunate demise in November 2019.​​​​​​​
During the time of this event, I happened to be residing in close proximity to the hotel while pursuing my Bachelor's degree. The billowing smoke from the raging fire permeated the air, reaching even the confines of my own residence. Lamentably, lacking a dedicated camera at the time, the images capturing this significant occurrence were captured using a mobile device.
This series of images serves a dual purpose, not only documenting a pivotal historic moment but also directing attention towards the valiant efforts of the East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service as they strove to safeguard the neighbouring buildings. Employing a black and white presentation, the seriousness and gravity of the situation are intensified, evoking a profound sense of emotional foreboding.
Subsequent to the initial incident, additional sections of the Grade II-listed building succumbed to further collapse in the ensuing months, with a substantial portion disintegrating during the tumultuous storm named Ciara in February 2020. Consequently, the remaining structure was demolished. Fire investigators ascertained that the blaze had been triggered by a gas leak, leading to the subsequent cordoning off of the area to residents.
All Images captured on Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra
The Claremont Hotel
Eastbourne 2019
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